Your Potty Training Essentials Checklist

potty training

Your little one is growing up so fast – and now, it’s time for potty training! See below for our comprehensive list of everything you need.

For daytime

  • 2-3 potties – make sure there’s a few around the house, just incase your little one can’t make it to the toilet before the poop comes out.
  • Splash mats – really useful for protecting the carpet!
  • Toilet step – make it easier for your toddler to use the ‘big toilet.’ It is available in open markets and online stores.
  • Pull-up nappy pants – like proper underwear, with protection from accidents
  • Toddler toilet wipes and handwash – quick and easy cleaning
  • Travel potty – essential for car journeys and holidays

For bedtime

  • Night-time pull-up nappy pants – night-time accidents are inevitable
  • Mackintosh – a simple way to protect the mattress
  • Night light – ideal if your toddler wakes up in the night

MumAffairs’ Tips

  • Have a few potties around the house – so there’s always one near by
  • Make sure potties are the right size for your tot’s bottom
  • Dress them in clothes that are easy to pull down quickly
  • A star chart is a great way to motivate your toddler
  • Remember that accidents will happen! You’ll get there in the end



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