Twins and sleep


Most women wish to have twins… We cherish twins when we see them from afar, but little do we know the stress the parents go through. If you are a mum to a set of twins, we envy you! You buy 2 sets of clothes, make 2 sets of feeds, change diapers and do every other thing twice.

Introducing an evening ‘going to bed’ routine will help your babies to adjust to sleeping more at night time and less in the day.

Where should my twins or multiples sleep?

Like for all babies, the recommendation is that babies should sleep in the same room as you ideally for the first six months to protect your baby from SIDS and help regulate their breathing and waking. Ideally, as for single babies, the cot should be up next to your bed.

Can my twins sleep together?

If you can’t afford to buy a twin cot, your twins can also share a cot. This is called co-bedding. They should be lying on their backs with their feet at either end of the cot and the tops of the heads facing one another… or side by side in the same position. Some parents use a cot divider.


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