Things to Remember when making Homemade Baby Food & Introducing Solid Foods

homemade baby food

MumAffairs offers parents easy, simple, healthy recipes to make tasty homemade baby food. You’ll learn about introducing solid foods and learn how to make your own recipe, without relying too much on cereals.

ALWAYS consult your pediatrician prior to beginning any new food for your infant. Discuss making homemade baby food with your pediatrician .

THINK about following the 4 day wait rule when introducing a new food to baby – offer your baby the same new food for 4 days to test for allergies to that food. This applies even when you are making homemade baby food. Never introduce more than 1 new food at a time when first beginning solid foods.

ALWAYS use clean hands, clean cooking utensils, preparation surface(s), pots/pans etc. when making and preparing homemade baby food. Cleanliness is a MUST when making homemade baby food.

And Finally All babies are different and will not like/tolerate the same foods or food textures. You should be willing to experiment with baby solid food for your baby. Offer your baby different foods use different ways of preparing those baby foods and be willing to have a LOT of patience.


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