Taibat’s Breastfeeding Experience


It has been on my mind to share my breastfeeding experience with other mums. I had a flat nipple which made it very difficult for my baby to latch on successfully and as we know we need demand for supply. It broke my heart each time the nurses gave my baby formula because I was one of the advocate for exclusive breastfeeding. But then the baby had to feed. With the help of a lactation consultation I was able to get a few drops.

Every drop was GOLD! I remember guiding that drop ( in the pic with my life into the syringe because I couldn’t even afford to let it travel down the bottle…half of it will be lost halfway. Then I would rejoice if I got even 5ml but I continued. I kept putting her to the breast to try and yeah the struggle was real! Then one day, for a split second she got a hang of the nipple. It felt great but very painful more like painfully great!
Need I mention that there was practically nothing I didn’t buy. Breast pumps both manual and automatic, nipple shield, heating pad, nipple cream, shea butter, name it! By the way, I also drank all the Ogi(pap) in the world. Hot Ogi no milk no sugar, part of why I haven’t lost the pregnancy weight but it is well! In all I was determined and one fateful day we got a whooping 5 ounces!! The celebration was not from around here I must say.

And with continuous effort my little madam dearest was able to latch, but the pain sent chills down my spine each time that I dreaded feeding times. Anyway now we get up to 20 ounces a day… not at once. I still supplement with formula because it’s never enough. Madam empties the breast out that it takes about 6 hours for the breast to recover.

The key really for me is determination…and of course to be able to offer your baby that which other caregivers can’t. Trust me it makes you feel good.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m currently finding it difficult to breastfeed and each time I go to the hospital, other mums make me feel bad. They’re are always like, this your baby is too small to be bottlefed. Now I know it’s not my fault I can’t breastfeed my baby. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep pushing until I can.

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