Pregnancy- Week 6

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, more or less every healthy pregnancy should be detectible with a pregnancy test, since hCG levels have been on the rise for 4 weeks now.

During your 6th week of pregnancy, your baby is starting to look less like a tadpole and more like a person as the face begins to form.

You might not be able to stop yawning long enough to read this! Your baby develops rapidly during the first few weeks of pregnancy, which is why pregnant women tend to feel so tired in the first trimester. A midwife can actually already determine that you are pregnant
by the softness of your uterus.


6 Weeks Symptoms

Many of your symptoms are the same as last week. Some pregnant women may also get headaches from the rise in hormones. There are also a lot of women who will have none of these symptoms. They will sail through early pregnancy without vomiting or being light headed. For a lot of women this can be normal as well. Do not panic if you do not have pregnancy symptoms, although you should contact your doctor if you suddenly lose your pregnancy symptoms.

Your Baby at Week 6

At this time the embryo is still smaller than the size of a raisin. Low on the sides of the head are two folds of tissue that will become the ears. Although not completely developed, all the major body organs and systems are formed.

Also the placenta begins functioning, known as the chorionic villi and the umbilical cord, through which the baby will receive nourishment and oxygen. The spine and spinal cord grows faster than the rest of the body at this stage and will give the appearance of a tail. This will disappear as the baby continues to grow.

Changes in Your Body

You may have slightly gained or lost weight at this point.  Hormonal changes in the body affect appetite and your morning sickness plays a role in the weight change as well.  If you did not experience a change in weight, this is normal as well.

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience bleeding, cramping or a discharge that is grey or pink in colour.  If you experience any of these symptoms, do not panic.  Many women experience bleeding during pregnancy and end up having healthy babies.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, there are a number of things that may make it worse which you may want to avoid. Try not to let yourself become over tired because this can make the nausea worse.

Going too long between meals can also trigger nausea. Smells of petrol, fried food, curries, citrus fruit and some perfume can also make you vomit.

Avoid any clothes that are tight around the waist because the pressure on your waistline can increase feelings of sickness.

It is important to maintain your body’s Vitamin D level, especially now that you are pregnant, so you should be taking a multivitamin supplement, which contains 10mcgs of vitamin D throughout your pregnancy.


Tips for Week 6

-To help your baby thrive, you need plenty of rest and early nights, as well as fresh air.

-You need a regular exercise.

  • Eat well. Cut down on junks.

-Sleeping in a jog bra can help the breast soreness.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothes



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