National Bath Safety Month

bath safety

We are super excited to share that January is National Bath Safety Month (who knew?). This month we will be sharing some safety tips to help you have the best bath time experiences in your home.  It is obviously an opportunity to learn (or review) some important basics as it relates to keeping bathing safe for children.

Here are some ways to keep bath time safe for your little ones:


1. Stay with them

Accidents can happen in an instant. It is very important to stay with your children when they are having their bath.

2. Prevent slips

Young children don’t have the strength to hold steady if they lose their balance. Consider placing a non-slip plastic mat/rug by the side of the tub for better stabilit, and a grab bar for kids to hold onto when stepping in and out of the bath. Depending on their age, children may not yet have a fully developed sense of balance. Never allow your child to stand on the side of the tub as they exit the tub (most toddlers love to do this) – this is a major cause of falls and chin stitches! Remember, make your tub as safe as possible by installing a non-sticky rubber mat.

3. Clean bath toys

Toys used in water play can harbor dirt. Clean water toys with disinfectant frequently to prevent germs. (Be sure to rinse well before giving to children).

4. Beware of sharp edges

Make sure any glass shower doors are made of shatterproof glass. Avoid bath toys with hard edges or points that could be hazardous if your child falls onto them.

5. Keep Adult Bath Products Away

This is like a no-brainer; put away any objects that can harm little ones (anything they can get their hands on!).  Razors, nail clippers, shaving sticks, shaving cream, and other adult items should never be within reach of little fingers.  Even seemingly “safe” items may seem harmless, but you never know.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your little ones. Instead of waiting to implement these safety standards in your home, put them in place right away as part of National Bath Safety Month.



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