Mummy’s Medicine Cabinet Checklist (12 Must-Haves)


Recently, I got curious and googled ”what should a new mum have in her medicine cabinet.” I saw so many results… some were relevant, others were not. For example, one of the articles I read said it’s very important to have a small spoon to give babies medicine. I personally feel more comfortable giving my baby medicine with an oral syringe (without needle, of course)… It goes straight down. Using spoon is always a struggle for me.

SO, I’ve decided to compile a list of the must-haves. (Again, this is my own list. You might want to do your own research if you feel there are some items missing here).


  1. Diaper Rash Cream– This is very important. The most common gift items new mums get are Diapers. Most mums would have also bought some packs of diapers before their baby arrives. If you decide to use all the various brands you were gifted, what happens if your baby starts to react to the diapers? Some babies (including my daughter) start to get rashes if you introduce a different diaper brand. You need to have a Diaper Rash Cream and carry if everywhere you go. You should apply if at every diaper change. I used A+D Ointment, and Shea butter. They worked perfectly.
  2.  Calamine Lotion– for insect bites and rashes.
  3.  Cotton wool- for applying liquids (like calamine lotion) and for cleaning supplies with alcohol
  4. Gripe Water,  anti-gas drops, or other gas or colic remedy- For colic
  5. Manicure set– I can’t use nail clippers..not even on my nails. It’s always like I’m gonna cut off my finger. Besides, your baby’s nails are not as hard as adult’s, so it’s safe to use a nail file or tiny scissors. I personally feel more comfortable using scissors. That way, I can clearly see what I’m about to cut.
  6. Digital Thermometer- They can be used in the rectum (rectal), mouth (oral) or armpit (axillary). Armpit temperatures are typically the least accurate of the three. Rectal temperature is the most accurate for your newborn. A rectal temperature is taken by putting the thermometer  gently in your child’s rectum. The rectum is the end of the bowel.
  7. Bib/Wash Cloth– You should have dedicated bibs and soft wash clothes for washing away dribbled medicine.
  8. Nasal Aspirator– They say it’s good..but me, I don’t know how to use it. All the time I tried using it, I was never able to get anything out. So, I gave up. But you should try it.
  9. Antibiotic Ointment– Like Neosporin, for cuts.
  10. Baby-safe Mosquito Repellent– If you are unable to get this, try as much as possible to spray your baby’s room well in advance, so the smell doesn’t choke your baby.
  11. Adhesive Bandage- strips in various sizes and shapes.
  12.  An Oral Syringe- for administering medicines that don’t come with a measuring dropper/spoon (some parents find it easier to use a syringe than a dropper/spoon)

Well, that’s all I could gather. Did I miss any important item? Please feel free to add in the comment box.


Any questions/suggestions? Type here!