Mum-to-be: Preparing for Labour


Your big day is getting closer, and it’s most likely going to be a roller coaster ride – scary and exciting all at the same time. One of the best ways you can ensure your labour is successful is proper preparation. You need to decide on several things in regard to your labour.


You should get a hospital bag ready; this bag should be prepped way ahead of time. Some hospitals are a little precise about what you are and aren’t allowed into the hospital so it might be a good idea to check beforehand.

You should also ensure you have a car seat fitted for your little one’s journey home as well as nappies and baby clothes so your tot is comfortable and warm. It is a great idea to do a labour test run, where you get everything together and make a trip to the hospital. Many women are unsure about when labour actually starts, there are a couple of warning signs that signal the imminent onset of labour, but these signs can differ between women. Check out these signs and indicators in the signs of labour page so you are aware of what to look for. You should also understand that there are some different indicators for a premature birth, all these signs and symptoms are covered in Premature Birth: Signs and treatment of pre-term labour.

Labour can last a long time, and if you are relaxed about it, you should try to stay at home for as long as possible. If your contractions are arriving with 5 minutes intervals or less, if your water breaks, or you are bleeding, then it is a good time to make your way to the hospital. You should also have a reliable birth partner available to help you through the labour process.


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