Mum strips son naked and drags him to school for stealing her N5,000

Woman strips son naked and drags him to school for stealing her N5k


Hello mums,

A woman stripped her 9yr old son naked, gave him woulds all over his body and dragged him to school to report to his teachers that he stole N5,000 from her wallet.
Did she do well or not?


  1. It is wrong. She is making the issues more complicated. We can’t judge the boy unless we knw how the woman take good care of her children. Before the boy can do this, something needs to be knw about the mother cause he can’t just start the steal wit 5000. Maybe the mother doesn’t perform her duties well in training her children.

  2. The punishment is extreme. There are better ways of punishing a child. Tomorrow, if something gets missing in his school accusing fingers will be pointed at the boy. Did the mum ever think of the psychological effect this will bring to the child? It may make him withdrawn, develop a low self esteem, get picked on by his peers and even teachers. He may even loose interest in schooling. Maybe she will prefer to have a non-stealing school drop out for a son. Yes, stealing is wrong but she could have corrected the boy in her home. Did she check herself to know if she is doing something wrong in his upbringing. Who are the people living with him? Who does he socialize with? There are several things that may influence a boy to act in that manner. I know of a child who started stealing because their house help always sent him to steal from his parents for him right from the age of 3 and nobody noticed. When it was noticed the house help had left but the habit had been formed. It took serious prayers, counselling and other forms of punishment (acceptable for his age and which did not amount to child abuse) to get him out of that habit. Well I hope that action by his mum deters him and doesn’t harden his heart.

  3. What the mother did is terrible. Tomorrow other people will do worst to the child. They will say after all the mother did this sooo why can’t we do worst to him.

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