Is it Okay for Babies to Swim?


Many parents know that water activities are beneficial for children. However, many of us are scared. According to experts, swimming has great benefits. When your baby isn’t old enough to walk, it may seem silly to take them to the pool. But there are so many benefits to splashing around and gliding through the water — besides the fact that your little one looks super cute in a bathing suit.

To reassure you, we provide here a list of the benefits this activity offers children.

According to pediatricians and other experts, regular practice of water activities contributes to the following:

  • It teaches your baby basic safety skills that could someday save their lives
  • It enhances their physical development – strength, physical fitness, coordination and muscle training.
  • It improves their social and behavioral habits.

Swimming is also a great way to have fun and bond with your baby. So why not start planning your next visit to a swimming pool?

Some key baby swimming tips

There’s nothing to stop you taking your baby swimming on your own if, for whatever reason you decided classes aren’t for you.

  • Limit the first few sessions to about 15 minutes – there’s a lot of new sensations for your baby to take on board!
  • Don’t submerge your baby except in supervised lessons. Although they’ll probably unexpectedly dip their face in the water a couple of times and that’s absolutely fine.
  • Don’t hug them too close. Try and relax, maintain eye contact and smile and sing to them. The more relaxed you are, the happier they’ll be.


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