How to Crochet for your Little One

how to crochet

My last maternity leave was quite long- 4 months! I got bored quickly… so I had to look for how to engage myself with new things. I learnt different recipes… most importantly, I learnt how to crochet.

It’s quite easy to learn, if you have passion for it. I am going to share the videos I watched. If you have enough data, you can download and watch later…. Once you master the craft, you can make different patterns of shoes, hats, headbands etc for your baby.


Before you start, you need:

  1. Knitting wool/yarn
  2. A crochet hook (also called knitting pin)- For newborn-3 months, use 3.0mm hook; for 3-6mnts, use 4.0mm hook; for 6-9mnts, use 5.0mm hook; for 9-12mnts, use 5.5mm hook. ( remember, the type of hook you use will determine the size of your baby’s booties).
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. A needle.
  5. Buttons (Optional- for decoration)

    After getting your crochet tools, start with your first row which is called a ‘Foundation Chain.’ The illustration below shows how to chain.


You can practise with some wool until you are able to chain smoothly.

When my baby was 2 months old, I chained 12 stitches. You can use your baby’s foot as a guide, so you don’t end up knitting an undersized shoe. (Please send me photos of your chains)



Once you learn how to chain properly,

You can start with the simple booties. Watch/download this video. You can check YouTube for other videos.

The Gladiator Sandals are quite easy to learn. Watch/download the tutorial video here:

To learn how to crochet baby caps, watch this video:


Please feel free to ask questions and share your crochets with me.



These videos were not created by me. I found them on YouTube. For more How-To videos, please check YouTube.


Any questions/suggestions? Type here!