Exercise Tips for new Mums


8 months after giving birth to my daughter, I was still struggling with belly-fat. I didn’t want to take any pills or slim tea, because I was still breastfeeding. I googled to see if I could find natural ways to lose the weight and belly fats. I found different exercise options. Because I have a 9-5 job, I didn’t really have time during the week to do those exercises. What I made sure I did was walk as long as I could (in fact, that was the only form of exercise I did during pregnancy, and I had a very smooth and quick delivery). I’ve gathered some tips you might find useful. Try practicing and you might just get back to your ‘old you.’

Ignore celebrities who are back in skinny jeans a week after giving birth. Gradual weight loss is best, through exercise and healthy eating.

Before you start

It’s usually at your postnatal check-up about six weeks after birth that you’re given the go-ahead to start getting more active. Then run through this checklist:

  1. Confirm that your tummy is ‘healed’- If you haven’t, avoid tummy-toning exercises until you’ve spoken to your doctor.
  2. Are you breastfeeding? If so, feed your baby before exercise and always wear a sports bra.

Exercise tips for new mums

  1. Walk, walk ,walk, walk, walk!  Walk as often  as possible. This is a great way to get your body back into shape. There are often lots of appointments in the early days with a baby, so try to schedule them so you can walk there and back. Some phones have apps that track how long you’ve walked. Install one of those to help you track.
  2. Plan properly. Every weekend sit down and set times to workout throughout the week. Pre-planning gives you time to make adjustments and make it work!
  3. Little and often. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of free time. If you have a spare 10 minutes do some exercise (cardio or weights). If you try and make this part of your lifestyle whenever you get the chance it will add up over the course of a week. Aim for around 3 hours a week.
  4. Have fun! Stick on some music and jump around your bedroom or dance around your baby. Find a workout DVD you really like and try to think of your exercise in a positive way. You’ll feel so proud of yourself afterwards!
  5. Make it easy for yourself. Have your workout gear and equipment close by. That will serve as a reminder for you.
  6. Work your abs every day –it will only take a few minutes. Do 50 ab pull ins a day (squeeze in your tummy tight, hold for a couple of seconds then release; you can do them anywhere!) and try and do 50 sit ups every day when you get up.
  7. Work your pelvic floors every day. You are a new mum. I don’t need to explain why! Try 50 squeezes every day. You can do these anywhere.
  8. Mix it up. If you don’t you’ll get bored. Try different DVDs, YouTube video workouts  and equipment at home. Go out and get some fresh air. If you are lucky enough to have some free time, try the gym, jogging and classes and see what you like the most. This also means your body is always being challenged.
  9. Make active choices every day. Walk (have I told you to walk?!), take the stairs, leave the car at home, do some cleaning and housework. You’ll burn loads of calories without even noticing!
  10. Keep it up. This is the most important thing! It’s no good being active one week and not the next. Exercise and healthy choices need to be part of your life forever. This will help you look and feel great for yourself and your family.

Another thing you can try is Joint Workout. If you have friends or neighbours who have just given birth and would like to shed some weight, you can form a group and have a trainer to motivate you.


    • Hi Precious,

      Avoid dry skin – moisturize your baby’s skin…don’t leave it dry. Wear light clothes for your baby. You might also want to change the detergent you are using to wash your baby’s clothes. You can use Shea Butter too. If after 2 days, there’s no improvement, please take your baby to the hospital to confirm it’s really Eczema, and not an infection.

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