Communicating with your Baby


As the language is something you learn naturally, babies do not need classes to learn to speak. However, constant communication is a fundamental task.

When a baby begins to speak, the same sound usually serves for many words. Sometimes, they can use a sound to signify a word or something more complicated. Here we are some tips to encourage your baby ‘s speech:

• Talk to him/her : At this age, your baby learns more direct talks with you. Try to include your baby in conversation, then pause and listen to what your child has to say.
• Describe objects and call people by name. The more you understand your baby, the more you learn.
•Don’t criticize your baby’s attempts to speak. Your baby will learn more easily through the support of corrections.

Sometimes, when they say something you don’t understand, try to make sense out of it, and say the correct word(s) repeatedly. It’s also good to start teaching your baby body parts, numbers, letters etc. Don’t wait until they start school to teach them.


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