Choosing the right Diaper


Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to find the right nappy for your little one. You may find yourself doing a bit of trial and error as you try to find what brand or size suits your baby best. Some mums use cloth nappies because it saves money; others use diapers because it saves time and it’s not as messy as cloth nappies. Whichever one you choose to go for, think of what is best for your baby.

Which brand is the best?

There are quite a number of good diaper brands. We can’t categorically tell you the ‘best’ brand; it’s probably best to try a small pack out and use. You never know what your baby may be allergic to and some babies have very sensitive skin.

When to go up a diaper size

If diapers are leaking, it’s usually a sign that you need to go up a size. Other indicators are nappy rash that develops at night – because smaller sizes are less absorbent and hold the damp fabric close to your baby’s skin. And of course if there are red marks where the nappy sits across your baby’s tummy that shows it’s become too tight. At first, buy just a small pack of the next size, to be sure you’ve made the right decision.

If nappies are leaking poo, however, it’s almost definitely time to go up a size!

Weight or shape?

Sometimes the shape of your baby is more important that his weight, and parents of long, slim babies can find that nappies leak wee because the weight of a wet nappy pulls it away from the legs. In this case, you may find going back down a size (and changing more often if necessary) could be the answer.

Stop the leaks

Also ensure you’re fastening the diaper properly – not too tight, but snug enough to stop leaks. Sometimes tiny adjustments can make all the difference. And make sure baby boy’s ‘willy’ is pointing down when you put him in a clean diaper!

It’s always worth experimenting with different brands of nappy, because they all have slightly different shapes and rates of absorbency.


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