Birth Control Pills, Yay or Nay?


Hello Mamas,

Some people say that being on the pill for too long will delay pregnancy (although, this might just be a myth).

In fact, studies show that within one year after stopping the Pill, 80 percent of women who want to get pregnant do.

I remember after I had my baby, I went to my doctor to get it done. And he advised me not to go on pills/chip until after I had my second baby. He told me about a patient who had been off Birth Control for over a year and still struggling to get pregnant.

What’s your take on Birth Control Pills? Did it work for you?




  1. Withdrawal is the best because pills will always have negative effect but above all what we are destined to give birth to, we are all going to give birth to them,if you are destined to give birth to 5 children no matter the pills nd other way round you do you will still give birth to them. Thanks

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