Bathing your toddler


Bath time should be a fun part of your toddler’s bedtime routine: it’s a great opportunity for some relaxed, splashy fun. It’s also the perfect time for parents to reconnect with their little one, and signal the day is nearly done. But for some toddlers, bath time can become a bit of a battleground. To help you make the most of bath time – and overcome any issues – try these fun ideas to get things splash happy again.

Bathtime fun and games

Don’t do it in a hurry

Because we want to make bath time fun time, you should spare enough time. You can’t have ‘fun’ in a hurry. Have time  to play, sound funny, and laugh.

Fill the Bath with Toys

Fill the bath with lots of bubbles, and hide ‘treasure’ under the water… waterproof toys, cars and dollies are perfect. Let your toddler explore with her hands and dig out the gold!

Make music

Find plastics around and use as props. Show your little one how each ‘instrument’ can make a different noise, then encourage her to make the same ‘splish splash’ or ‘boom boom’ sound.

Go fishing

Put a selection of plastic toys in the water, then give your child a plastic sieve and challenge her to fish out the toys and drop them into a plastic bowl, which you can place beside her in the bath.

Sink or float?

Have lots of bath toys, plastic kitchen utensils, containers etc by the bath, then hand your toddler one at a time and ask, “Do you think this will sink or float?” Then she can test it and see! This is a fun way to teach your toddler about the difference between heavy and light objects, colours – without her even realising it!

Making bathtime safe

  • If you are not using cold water, check that the water temperature is warm, never hot.
  • Never leave a toddler unattended in the bath even for a second. Don’t be tempted to rush out to answer the phone or the doorbell.


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