Baby stimulation: Activities for your 4-month old


At 4 months old, your baby is doing amazing things. Here are some activity ideas to boost development and social skills.

Who would have thought that in these few months, your baby could grow into this little person? Your baby is becoming more and more social every day, and playtime just gets better. Here’s how to get the most out of play-time with your four-month-old.

Offer a toy. Hand him/her a toy that rattles or makes crinkly sounds and watch his/her reaction when he/she grabs it. Toys that help babies learn about the different senses are both educational and magical to a baby. Passing a toy back and forth makes for a fun game. Remember when your baby smiled for the first time a month or two ago? Now they are starting to giggle – which is so much better!

Go for a game. Bubbles are fascinating to babies. Blow them around your baby and he/she’ll be endlessly entertained. Your baby will love to be tickled and stimulated, and it’s also a good distraction when you’re trying to get his/her socks on!

Set up a playdate. Why not invite one or two mom friends over who have babies around the same age? Put your babies on the floor along with a few toys and watch what happens. You’ll love watching your baby hang out with his/her new friends, and you could make a few friends yourself.

Playing with your baby and creating a fun and active environment is vital to early childhood development. Keep your baby active and you’ll raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted baby.



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