Antenatal Classes In Nigeria


Antenatal classes are supposed to help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood.  Some classes focus mostly on labour and birth, while others guide you through late pregnancy, and what life with a newborn baby will be like.

In some hospitals, antenatal classes are fun; others are like boring university lectures.


Have you ever attended antenatal classes? Did you find any of the things you learnt useful in the delivery room?


  1. It actually would have helped if i had followed d midwife’s instructions. I was pushing i was nt asked to just to get rid of d pain n i gave masef tears when dey did not give me any.also refused taking ma routine drugs, so got short of calcium n ma baby started using up d calcium from ma bones. which caused joint pains as if ma bones will break when i stand. I tink i learnt ma lessons n will take ma classes seriously n put to practice everytin.

  2. As 4 me it’s work very well,Especially those drugs it’s help my children 2 be strong wen inside my womb and after givin birth 2 them, witout native or herb medince, i perfer dat drug called #(FOLIC ACIDE). most of us tro it away which s 2 bad 4 us, thank u.

  3. olic acid,and vitamin c was highly advised by my doctor,also series of i would say it worked. U just have to follow your doctor and also pray.

  4. Invite husband to join you one or two times.serves as a means of family planning when they see your labour pain.they participate more during labour

  5. It depends on the hospital’s policy and the health personnels involved. Clients have adequate knowledge on what they should expect during pregnancy, labor and puerperium,and how to cope during these periods very well when teachings are being delivered by qualified personnels that have the knowledge of it, but in a situation where quacks are allowed to do this, pregnant women won’t be able to get important information needed during these stages and the aims and objectives of ANC won’t be achieved because what you don’t have, you can’t give!

  6. Yeah! if you follow the the doc. instructions carefully. Mine works esp. since my baby was breeched from the begining of the pregnancy 2 the end, i did every exercise i was asked to do, and at the end, i deliver like the Hebrew women. Praise God!

  7. Yea,but the only thing i remember when i was in labour was co operate with ur midwife ,push when as to do so,stop when ur asked to ,to avoid unnecessary tear.

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