A Mum-to-be Needs your Advice

Hello Mums, please offer words of advice to a Mum-to-be.
I’m pregnant with my first child though I’m not married yet. I hardly have sex but when I believed and loved someone so much that I did it, I became pregnant. I knew early but I swore I won’t try abortion, what I haven’t done for 29 years..how can I start now?
The guy was so unreasonable and my family demanded he marry me, he didn’t. I’m dependent on my family, when this came up and after the guy’s reply, they didn’t abandon or reject me.
It’s just nine weeks remaining and for one day, I don’t regret not aborting my baby. In fact am so glad. I cry that I made a mistake, I feel hurt that I’m not married, I cry that I went through those tough times I was sick and thought I will die alone, upon all the sickness and weakness, I even have to pretend for my family till I opened up. I was all alone till they started supporting me.
The guy is not reasonable at all but it’s not about him, I didn’t keep my baby for him. His intentions are not good because he’ll later want to come close but I think it’s not for me but for d baby. So I’m letting him go, I hope he never comes for d child because where I come from, we don’t give the man access to the child without marriage. I agree the child will get to know him as his father but I doubt if he will ever bear his name because I’m giving him my father’s name.
Well, I’m on the big side and I have not had sex since d baby came. I just pray that God will see me through these remaining nine weeks and I will deliver safely..no CS or complications of any kind..seeing my baby will be my greatest joy. I look forward to that great day. Amen.


  1. Don’t worry weather you’ve been having sex or not since you got pregnant, you will still have a safe delivery. Sex doesn’t determine the safety of your birth. Be strong and prayerful. This journey of child bearing, only God knows the beginning and the end.

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