9 “Fun” Things A 12 Month Old Loves To Do

So, you’re the proud parent of a 12 month old – they’re such a joy! If he or she is not already walking, they’re not far off it, so it’s all fun and games on the home front.

Here are 10 “fun” things 12 month olds love to do more than anything else. In fact, he or she is probably enjoying one of these things right now, while you read this article completely unaware to the shenanigans unfolding before you…

1. Pull Tissues/Wipes Out Of A Box

Sorry did you need those tissues? Forget it if you need to blow your nose, your 12 month old ninja has already ripped every single freaking tissue out of the box. Oh and those wipes you forgot to put away? Yeah, they’re gone too. Tissues are like a Kinder Surprise – a toy and a tasty treat all in one, so good luck finding all of them.

2. Yank Off Your Glasses

I hope you can read without your glasses, because its loads of cool fun to rip them off your face. Again… and again… and again… and you guessed it… again.

3. Pull Everything Out Of The Plastics Cupboard

Turn your back for a second and your entire plastics cupboard will be on the floor. All those containers neatly stacked… or not. At least it makes for a cute photo.

4. Pick Their Nose

So, your 12 month old has realised they have another hole to poke their little fingers in. Cool, lets see how far this little tunnel goes? Ooooh look mum, I can poke my fingers in your mouth too!


5. Wear (Your) Undies On Their Head

Nothing is worth doing unless it’s being done with undies on your head. Anyone’s undies will do. It’s the latest fashion.

6. Forget The Toys – It’s Cool To Sit In The Toy Box

No matter how much money you’ve spent on toys, no matter how long you spend cleaning up toys, the BEST thing to play with is the toy box. If you have a 12 month old, just keep an empty one in their room for now on. It’ll save you so much time and energy cleaning up mess.

7. ?\dfhfgg3r636r368999″:>> Um, I Mean, Smash On Your Keyboard

What’s that really important assignment you’re doing mum? Be prepared to get new phones, or change your phone screens because this is the time your baby smashes your phone or soils your phone with saliva.

8. Rearrange Your Furniture

All. Day. Long. A little to the left? Right? How about all the way over here? Or, on top of that? Whoops…..

9. Unravel Any Toilet Rolls They Can Get Their Hands On

As soon as your little one realises you have a toilet roll in the house, it’s all over. In just under

So, there’s 9 things your 12 month old baby will (or does) absolutely love. Seriously, forget the expensive toys, because you can make you baby’s day simply by letting them loose around your home.

What does your 12 month old like to do? Be sure to share your stories in the comment box below!


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